Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Ladybug with a Ukelele

I swear there was something I used to do about a month ago...what was it called? oh yeah, BLOG!

So I am back from my unexpected hiatus of business, insomnia, and being a hermit. While I was away (in my bedroom), I discovered some interesting stuff. All of which I have planned to publish on here. So for our first post back let's do something simple shall we?

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Kate Sloan.

This young lady hails from Toronto and if memory serves me correct is still in high school. Kate and I have related friends (or so facebook tells me) so apparently thats how I know her. Actually, I also recall seeing her around Trinity Bellwoods a few days making music. It just so happens that today she posted one of her videos today on Facebook and so I took a gander.

Ok, so it's no million dollar production, nor does it hold the pleasent indie charm that such a songstress would deserve. (Is songstress even a viable word?) But we all have to start somewhere and I like where the girl is going! So give her a whirl, tune in, and let's help a young musician blossom!


  1. Amazing. This is why blogs like this need to exist. Keep finding more gems like this, cause I don't know how I'd find them on my own.

  2. I've been following Kate Sloan for about a year, so it's great to see her get recognized.

  3. I do love me some Kate Sloan. :3 I can't wait for the big show in April!

  4. Kate's the bestest thing since kittens.

  5. Kate's songs inspire me on a regular basis! She's definitely gonna make it to the big time.

  6. I tried writing a song with Kate once... it didn't get very far to say the least.
    me: So how are you feeling about it all at this point? throw some words at me.
    Kate: sparkly.
    me: ... I don't know music.
    Kate: Let's watch the L word.
    me: yeah!

    Other than that, she's one of the best friends you can have and she's constantly putting me in awe with her tallent. You know you wish you knew her. Ha.